The Beautiful Year Gift Subscription

Surprise someone you love with a full year of creative bounty. We will craft and deliver four arrangements, one for each season, along with a personal note (authored by you, hand-written by us), and notify you each time we deliver. Choose from small, medium, or large designs and tell us a little about the recipient’s style preferences. We’ll take it from there! Here’s what we envision:


These creations are rich, conjuring memories of warm firelight and cinnamon with cloves, of bountiful feasts laid out amidst candles and friends, laughter and music. It is a token of love and goodwill on the coldest of days. This is the magic of the season.


These are so alive, just like the season, celebrating all that is fresh and becoming. It is the capturing of hope and sunlight together, of delicate reminders that earth renews herself, bringing treasure out of deep storage year after year. This is the lifting of a heart after a long winter’s nap.


These designs relish in the glory of summer — days by the lake and bright-dewed mornings, bee-full gardens, iced sweet lemonade and late evenings in the slow-gathering dusk. It is a reminder of ripe tomatoes piled deep and given away. This is our brightest day.


This is the deep time of year, a time for sweaters under sunny skies and steaming cups of hot cider. These designs reflect the warm-hued leafy earth and the dense goodness of a land built for bounty, delight, and wonder. It is the harvest and the sweet with the savory. This is just plain good.

Plan Your Personal Gift with Us

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