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About Us

We believe in doing things with excellence, but also with great love. In fact, everything excellent is done with love. According to Vincent Van Gogh, “There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” This is at the core of all we do, from the design to the creation to the delivery.

We also believe in creating beauty out of common things, in taking the time to reclaim, recycle, and reinvent things we find, and in enjoying all natural beauty through unexpected combinations.

We craft each piece as a work of art and love, down to the detail.

Products and Services

As a small start-up with plenty of experience, we want to serve you in whatever design needs you have, from big to small, as our availability allows. Though we can do many things, here are some of our favorites. (And if you have other ideas, let us know — we love to help.)


We craft designs for private gatherings.


At Willow and Sage, we hope to deliver a design that’s just a little more than the recipient expected — small or big. Let us create something you’re glad you sent.

Weddings & Events

We craft every piece carefully with attention to detail, aiming for designs that embody each bride’s unique personality and vision.

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